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How to choose your Mayan hammock:

Cotton hammock: Great comfort, no pressure point, store after usage.

Nylon hammock: Firm support, resist mildew, do not over expose to sun-rays.

Fibre: #9 yarn is the most comfortable and #24 is the strongest.

The THICK CORD XL Mayan hammock is as big as a #6 hammock but stronger with #24 cotton threads. It weighs 3kg (6.6lbs)

 SIZE Amount of
spools used
 DescriptionWeight Hold Ideal for:
 #4 4 MEDIUM
 1000gr (2.2lbs)
 200kg (440lbs)
 1 person, nap, relaxation
 #5 5LARGE / Matrimonial
 1,2kg (2.65lbs)
 250kg (550lbs)
 2 persons, nap or relaxation
1 person sleeping
#6 6EXTRA-LARGE / Family
 1,40kg (3.1lbs)
300kg (660lbs)
 2 persons and more, relaxation
2 persons sleeping
 1,7kg (3.75lbs)
 350kg (770lbs)
 2 persons and more, relaxation or sleeping


The body of the Resort style hammock is tightly woven to be way more comfortable then regular rope hammocks.

  • Bed size: 120cm X 200cm (47" X 80")
  • Overall: 350cm (138")
  • Weight: 2,95kg (6.5lbs)
  • Hold: 150kg (330lbs)


This hammock has two tinted hardwood bars, is made with thick tightly woven cotton cord and feature a most beautiful crochet type fringe.

  • Bed size: 55" X 84" (140cm x 220cm)
  • Overall : 165" (420cm)
  • Hold 550lbs (250kg)


Wow, now imagine how beautiful your garden or patio will look featuring this luxury Mayan hammock from Hammock Yucatan

You do not have enough space to install a regular hammock ? You are tired of regular chairs ? Your patio or balcony is to small to permanently have lounger chairs ? The solution is to get the biggest

Extra-Large Mayan chair hammock

A SMALLER SIZE ALSO AVAILABLE. Now you can swing and relax. Our chair is so large that you can completely stretch on it. In fact it will go to a full 6'. Yes, this is a very large hammock chair and you will love it. A single hanging point makes it easier to install. The 3 threads tight weaving make it heavier but much more comfortable then the chairs you generally find on the market.

The chair is either available in nylon or cotton. Cotton is softer but again you need to protect it from the rain.

People use this chair inside or outside. When you don't need it just roll it away but don't store it to far cause you will want it again soon. Everybody will love the gentle swaying and your main concern will be to keep the chair for you.